Kitchen Remodeling & Residential Design Services in Birmingham, AL

Kitchen Remodeling & Residential Design Services in Birmingham, AL

Like cooking your favorite recipes, a great kitchen remodel starts with quality ingredients.

You’ll get top quality cabinets with dovetailed drawers and soft closing doors. We’ll help you select unique granite (or better) counter tops that give your kitchen an impressive Wow factor. You’ll get special pricing on quality appliances from, Whirlpool, GE, Kitchen Aid, Viking, and Sub-Zero. 

Our veteran kitchen remodeling team will make sure that every detail comes together perfectly. From warm maintenance free flooring to intuitive kitchen lighting that sets the mood for any occasion. You’ll get a kitchen you absolutely love!


Did you know that quartz is non-porous, anti-microbial and doesn’t need to be sealed like granite?


Our expert craftspeople will quickly transform your kitchen with surgical precision, cleanliness, and security.

First we create an air tight seal around the remodel area. That prevents your home from being contaminated. We work quickly to remove every element that will be demolished.

Then we vacuum the entire kitchen before we bring in new cabinets. Each day we clean any areas we have affected and make sure all doors and windows are locked and secure. Before you move into your kitchen we clean, dust, sweep, and mop every cabinet, counter, appliance, and square inch of floor. Your kitchen will be sparkling new for you.

Did you know that if your cooktop is in the middle of the kitchen on an island, you can still vent it with downdraft venting?


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