Bathroom Remodeling & Residential Design Services in Birmingham, AL

Bathroom Remodeling & Residential Design Services in Birmingham, AL

AP Remodeling LLC is the #1 contractor for bathroom remodeling in Birmingham Al. Customers choose us because of our ability to create a bathroom you absolutely love on a budget you can live with. Our experience remodeling bathrooms in Birmingham means there won’t be any expensive surprises.

For about the same price as covering up your bathtub (“Bath Fitters” style) you can install a new tub with a ceramic tile backing. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, AP Remodeling LLC ensures you peace of mind. We work with the bathroom remodeling ideas you have and create a thorough plan with our in-house designers.

Your plan includes the bathroom tile for the shower and the floor. We help you select finishes that meet your tastes and budget. Then we coordinate trim, accessories, and color to give you the remodeled bathroom that you love.

Did you know it can be possible to remodel your bathroom vanity top with granite less expensively than with Corian or cultured marble?


Water damage from a leaking tub, needing to update your electrical wiring to current codes, lack of coordination with tile and shower door craftsmen causing stalling for weeks and weeks, or other unforeseen issues that cause well-meaning bathroom remodelers to blow your budget and invite crooked contractors to rip you off.

But the worst problem with bathroom remodeling is also the most common: Buyers’ Remorse. …Spending thousands of dollars and then just not liking the way it turns out. It could be you don’t like the bathroom tile, it doesn’t look how you expected, the space is too cramped, or finding out that you spent too much money.

Give your bath the focal point it needs, to say “it’s time to relax!”

Make sure that you are completely confident with the design, material and contractor choices.